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Sowing Home Savings

Earlier in the year, my family and I moved into our home. The layout and design of the house is not like any of the previous places we have lived, so our furniture and decor has been a little lacking. Taking on my role as "home" maker, I started to think of decor that would… Continue reading Sowing Home Savings


7 Symptoms You Might Have Homeschoolitis

So you've been tinkering around with the idea of whether or not to educate your youngins at home. Maybe your child is about to be school age and you aren't sure that you want them to go to public school. Or maybe your kids are already in a learning institution and you are considering taking… Continue reading 7 Symptoms You Might Have Homeschoolitis


What is Homemaking with Grace?

Homemaking with Grace is a place for all women to come and be encouraged, inspired, and welcomed. Though I choose to strive to be Christ-like, I will not use this blog as a platform to push any agenda. As women, we are all to be keepers of our home, regardless of religion, color, or ethnicity.… Continue reading What is Homemaking with Grace?