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Sowing Home Savings

Earlier in the year, my family and I moved into our home. The layout and design of the house is not like any of the previous places we have lived, so our furniture and decor has been a little lacking. Taking on my role as “home” maker, I started to think of decor that would make our house cozier and more welcoming.

I’m not going to explain every detail of every room, or tell what I have planned for each of them. What I will say is that I don’t have a fortune to spend to complete these plans, and I wouldn’t even if I did have that type of cash. I feel that simple things add color and personality such as baskets, pillows, blankets, or flowers, can change its overall feel without breaking the bank.

My living room has been feeling very bland, with cream walls, navy blue seating, and cream accent pillows. (Yes, there are other pieces, but these are the focal colors.) Not a bad look, just no homey feel or bright coloring. So I had been looking for new pillows that had a geometric pattern and a bright warm color. I saw many that I liked, but I didn’t like the prices that came with them. I found agreeable prices at bargain stores, but never enough of them in stock or a guarantee that more would come in.

After months of disappointment, I just completed making my pillows myself. I saw fa20161029_175352bric that was to my liking and cost me as much as one store-bought pillow would have. (And I have a good bit leftover!) My husband is glad that the sewing machine he bought, many years ago, got some use and that I saved tons of cash. In fact, I actually used the old pillows as the pillow forms for the new. No need in wasting them!

Sewing is not my strong suit, by any means, but I do what I can to help save us in the long run. Whether it’s these pillows, putting a button back on a shirt, repairing a blanket, or hemming garments! Everyone should learn basic stitching and repair. I took the time at the beginning of this project to teach my five year old daughter how to do a running stitch and she created her own pillow. One day the skill will help her save money that can go back into her own household. (Yes, my boys are learning also, but haven’t completed a project yet. Sister’s pillow has sparked motivation to make something.) There are plenty of how-to videos to help you along the way. In fact, I’m inspired to go and learn how to make curtains right now. Until next time, peace!

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