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Getting paid to stay home…sort of!

Today is one of those mornings that I wake up and I’m not super motivated to accomplish my cleaning goals. I have people coming over later (siblings) and they’re coming to help do some major meal prepping for when our baby is delivered, (I’ll elaborate on that in a later post.) and I have an appointment at my ob this afternoon. I feel as though I have this sluggish weight on my shoulders, or in my belly, and it’s hard to get moving. To add to it, I’m a person that once I leave the house, it’s hard for me to get back into the cleaning groove upon return. So what’s a girl to do?

Yes, my sisters are coming and I should be trying to pick up and make sure they feel at home when they get here, but let’s be honest, they’re my sisters! I grew up with them and know they’re dirty little cleaning…or non-cleaning secrets. They know me as well and actually know some of my struggle, so they aren’t going to be motivation enough. So I’ve had to think what has moved me in the past to complete a daunting task.

My solution? I will be cleaning as if I’m being paid to do it. I’ll admit that when I was in the working world, I had days that really REALLY sucked! (We’re talking things like cleaning poo off the back of the men’s toilet seat after a specific customer left. OMG! Could they not aim!) The only motivation I had was that I was getting paid to do the job and that I had to complete it with the supervision of a manager. Well, I don’t have a manager, but I do have a family. And when everything is said and done, we as a unit are at peace in the evenings when things are cleaned up and in their places. Today, that is payment enough, because the last two days have lacked peace and have tried mommy’s patience. LOL!

So you other homemakers out there, what do you use as motivation to get started cleaning? Meditation? Music? The sense of accomplishment in the end? Your household? A reward system? Let me know in the comments below, until the next post.


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