Getting Ready for Baby! (Number 4)

Since starting this blog, my husband and I have been expecting our forth child. And with this pregnancy there have been many more ups and downs as compared to the previous ones, because of my body changing over the years. So with knowing the difficulties that I have had so far, I’ve thought it wise to prepare freezer meals these last few weeks in advance.

Now don’t think that in the past that I didn’t do anything to prepare ahead of time with any of my others. The first two, I really didn’t prep because I stayed with my mother afterward; but, with my third I froze casseroles to make sure that dinner was an easy fix because breakfast and lunch weren’t that difficult with how little the older two were. Now that I have a brood that can eat 14 pancakes, sausage, fruit, and a beverage in one sitting (Not to mention that they ask for more sometimes) I feel that I need to prep all types of meals for them, make it last as long as I can, and for as little money as possible.

I gained some meal inspiration from a YouTuber. She has a family of 9 that she preps frozen meals for as a way of convenience and real life moments. She doesn’t do anything that I feel is over the top, but keeps things simple and healthy.

I started my prepping with breakfast food. I made 4 1/2 dozen of banana muffins. A few days later, I recruited outside help to assist me in my endeavor, and together we baked 4 dozen chocolate chip muffins, 2 dozen biscuits (the dough), two cornbread rounds cut and wrapped, and 2 gallon bags of pancakes. My goal is to have 12 different dinners doubled or tripled, and a few lunches and breakfasts over the course of these next few weeks. I want to have enough put away for two or more weeks as I have to have a cesarean done and my recovery will be long.

So do any of you home cooks, chefs, gourmets have any suggestions of meals that I could freeze? I do have a running list going, but I don’t feel it’s enough. I need oven and crockpot meals that even the pickiest of kids will still eat a few mouthfuls. Moms, what all did you do to prep for post-baby? Until next post!


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