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Share the Load!

Do you ever get in this mode where you feel that you have to do everything all yourself? I’ll be the first to admit this, because I feel that no one is going to get things done like me. And you know what? That is true. No one will do the job like me; but someone else can get the job done, and they may get it done better, specifically with teaching my children different subjects.

While I am the main parent that educates our children according to state standards, my husband is adamant that he be involved with their learning. He and I have the same expectations for our children’s education outcomes, but we differ in how we feel that those outcomes can be reached. I am told that I am a very creative person, but I feel more confident in having a structured layout of how things are to go. I feel that there has to be some form of order, a manual, or a brainstormed lesson plan. My husband, on the other hand, is more spontaneous and life experience driven. He will create a learning experience while in the moment..I admire him for this and would like to have more of this type of character trait, alas, I don’t. This closest that I come to this type of lesson spontaneity is counting produce that we add to the cart while at the grocers.

Recently, DH was having a conversation with our oldest son (age 6) while they were working out. He was explaining sets and reps and had him multiplying. Part of me wanted to run out there and tell him, “No! We haven’t gotten to that level of learning yet! Don’t confuse him. We are going to follow the book because it focuses on mastery.” But thankfully my rational side said, “Hey! What harm is there if he actually gets it? You hear him answering the questions, so it must not be too challenging in his brain.” And you know what? He really did understand what my husband was saying because of the way that he explained it. My point is this, you don’t have to go at schooling, cleaning, cooking, or any other task on your own. Whether it be your spouse, parent, friend, or even librarian (they LOVE sharing information), there is someone able and willing to help and lessen your workload. LET THEM! (Easier said than done for some of us.) No it might not be the way you would, but it’ll be done and you can check it off. Less work, less stress. Until next time…


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