Frugal, Natural living

What A Mistake!

I have told you guys about how I am an avid believer in living naturally and as healthy and sustainable as possible. I also try to educate and encourage others to live similarly through my Facebook page at Well Aware World. My hope is that one person, one home, one community at a time can make a big change.

In all of my informing, I never make the claim that I am an expert or perfect. With that being said, I was trying to examine my home for more ways to save money than I already have. I scanned our budget, looked over the menu,  read the grocery list and checked the pantry when it dawned on me. O! M! G! I have been purchasing paper cups and plates! I am, like many others, one that enjoys convenience whenever possible. With a family our size and a dislike for dish washing, it seemed only logical that paper products be a monetary sacrifice made for my sanity. 

It had never dawned on me that I was contributing more trash to the landfill than necessary. (I do plan on recycling as soon as I learn about the do’s and don’ts of my semi-new town. One step at a time.) So I have made a game plan to purchase new plates (most of our set has been broken), color-coded tumblers so that everyone can identify their own throughout the day, and cloth napkins. (I’ll probably make these if it saves us more money.)

I felt like such a foolish person to not have recognized what a huge mistake I was making against my own moral code, but I’m glad that I did have the recognition and can make the switch. What about you? Is there something that you could change that would help reduce your carbon print? Is there anything that you could choose as an alternative to help you save money?  Let us know below, as you may help me or others turn on the light bulb. Next post, I’ll let you in on another substitution I made. Until next time…


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