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My “Dirty” Little Secret

So we talked about how I realized that I needed to make some changes to better help our environment and my pockets. If you missed that post, you can find it here. Well, I told you how I would disclose more about the switches that I have made in our home.

When we were about to have our youngest child, I knew that I needed to find a savings source before she arrived. Days after researching, I decided that I wanted to try to cloth diaper her. I remembered having seen that most parents spend over $2,000 a baby on disposable diapers and I felt that I could either eliminate or reduce that expense. Now, I had dabbled with cloth and hybrid diapering (G-diapers) with the other children for various reasons, but I was not sure that I could make the change. I had plenty of flats, pre-folds, and different brands of covers on hand from gifts that family and friends had given me, but I still was not confident that I knew how to maintain or use them accurately. Nevertheless, I did it!

So here is my dirty secret…

I still use disposables!!! I know! I know! They are definitely NOT environmentally-friendly and I’m still coming out of my pockets with the expense. The plan was to only use the newborn diapers that the hospital supplied and to use disposables when we are out of the house. (I don’t feel I can successfully do it out and about.) But after a few nights of her wetting the bed with a soaked diaper after just an hour interval, I now make use of them nightly. I tried to double the absorption, but she’s too little and it bunches too tightly between her legs. So until she gets to a size where I can double it comfortably, I’ll use the disposables.

Kym! You can’t go telling people to make a change and you haven’t made a complete change yourself. Hey. I’m human, but unlike most I am trying to transition to something better. It’s like I’ve been saying…big changes in small steps. We are all growing differently. Do you have a “confession” of sorts? Would you mind sharing it with us to help encourage another? We all have a journey to take in this life and a little boost could help us all. Until next time…


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