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Please, Don’t Make Me!

As a mother to four, you would probably have an image of me with all of them gathered around me while I read an engaging story to them. Then after kissing them and tucking them into bed, I go and read a thrilling novel among the pillows of my own bed. Well, part of that is true. I love to read! When I walk into a library or bookstore, I find the smell of the pages intoxicating. The thought of embarking on an adventure that has been laid out before me on literary pages truly excites me. There is a “but” to this situation. BUT I hate reading aloud!

I want to impart the love I have for reading onto my children, but find that things get a bit dull and slow when I’ve tried reading classics like “Little House in the Big Woods”. It took me several reeks to get through the first few chapters of “The Magician’s Nephew” because we kept putting it off in favor of shorter books. You see, the kids and I find my reading to be a little more pleasant when I read smaller, less winded books or short stories, but I noticed that my oldest was gaining a disdain for reading. I was beginning to worry that he would never enjoy riding the Mississippi with Huck and Jim or paint a fence with Tom. Then one day as I was perusing through the local library, I turned down an aisle that I normally didn’t. The cds! I quickly grabbed a copy for the novel we were reading at that time and we haven’t looked back!

I gladly hung up my read-aloud hat to have it be done by the professionals. Now the kids and I look forward to spending this time together. We’ve listened to riveting tales while riding in our van, in our living room after lunch, or wherever we know there’s a player and time to listen. So for you parents or homeschool educators that believe that you have to do it all, please know that it is okay to pass the buck…or book!

What is something that you do to simplify things with your family? Let us know in the comments. Until next time…


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