To A Real Man

This post is dedicated to a man who works hard everyday. His mind is not constantly on how to JUST provide for his family, but how to do BETTER for his family. He works hard at trying to balance time with his wife, his children, work, and the 10 minutes he has for himself. He is growing–changing spiritually and emotionally while he is yet steadfast and constant in his personality. A walking contradiction that few have tried to understand. A man of many words to few people. Honest to a hilt and harshest critic of himself helping to make him the best of counselors and an awesome friend.

Curiosity is at the foundation of his being. ‘How does this and that function? What would cause a person to act like that?’ Making him technical, mechanical, imaginative and intuitive. His heart is bigger than many know–caring for the underdog and loving the beauty of nature.

For over ten years he has placed my needs before his own, been my shoulder to lean on, wiper of my tears, and the special someone that keeps a smile on my face and in my heart. The man I choose to respect as the head of my family, be helpmate to, and is mine, ALL MINE! I love and appreciate you every single day. I love the way you love our children and love how you have chosen to love me.I will continue to choose to love you even when I don’t have the “butterflies”. I will honor and respect you for rich, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death. We truly have something unique and many will never understand US. I have enjoyed our first ten years of marriage and look forward to many more. I love you…and yes, I made a little P.D.A. on the internet. LOL!

Thank you to those who read this post. I just want to show some gratitude towards my husband for our 10 year anniversary. May your day be as wonderful as mine. Until next time…


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