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To the Woman with 2.5 Children!

I know that I have never posted a picture of my family or myself; therefore, you may have no clue to whom you are listening. Well let me tell you. I am a 5′ 0″, 31 year old that looks like a teenager, and a woman with four children. To give an even more in depth description, I don’t wear makeup and I don’t wear jewelry by choice. When I am out and about, I smile and speak to strangers, as I am southern. I’m usually a ray of sunshine because that’s who I want to be. A positive person and a sweet mommy to my babies.

So what about the above person makes anyone, in their right mind, think that they need to approach me to tell me that I don’t need to have anymore children? You say my children are well behaved, that I seem like a sweet person, but I have too many children. You guys, this isn’t a one time incident for me. I hear comments from those who can’t whisper about how I ought to be ashamed of myself for being “so young” and having all of these babies. Ha! My husband goes to work everyday to provide for his family. We don’t ask for a handout, we aren’t living in poverty, thank the Lord, Jesus. But what is it about me says to ask me are my children all mine? Or do they have the same father? Just because my children have come in different shades and have different types of hair and varied colored eyes? When my child cries or has a fit because they are testing the waters, what right does anyone have to interfere with my disciplining them to learn that they can’t always have their way? What makes them think that my child is hungry and that they need to take it upon themselves that they need to offer to buy my child some food? I’m in the grocery store! I’m obviously purchasing food! Did you see the cart?

When did children become under valued and a nuisance? When did it become such a problem to be blessed with a gift that many cannot and will not have? When did it become wrong to be a woman and naturally desire to have babies to nurse and develop and grow all about you? Well, Woman with 2.5 children, everyone doesn’t feel like you. There are still some of us who feel that children truly are a gift, that my chosen career at home has value, that having a MAN that wants to provide my needs is a blessing, and to be able to teach my children and guide them in this journey called “Life” is awesome! My husband and I don’t choose to continue to have babies, we are chosen to have them and welcome them with happy open arms. So before you think that I am burdened down, or don’t know what contraceptives are, or that I am single and am having all of these children on my own, know that you are making assumptions and do not know me. You don’t know what I have done or have been through? You don’t know my choices or what I want in life. You should think before you open your mouth and possibly offend someone. I cannot guarantee that the next woman you approach will be as kind and hold her tongue. You might run across “the right one” and find yourself publicly embarrassed. So keep to you and your 2.5 kids and enjoy them so much that you can’t be worried about what I am doing with mine. Have a happy, purposeful life!

Until next time…


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