Your Heart. Your Mind. Your Desire.

You have something that you feel needs to be changed or improved upon within yourself. Maybe you want to stop staying up late, or be more athletic, or whatever! It’s something! I’m no different than you. I want to be more organized, more routine and more efficient in my homemaking.

I’ve gone as far as to use apps and other tools, expecting that there was going to be an immense change within a few days of using them. I’ve done this for years. (Sadly, yes, years.) And for a while some of them did work, but my season of life changed and that changed the use of the tool and it didn’t flow like it used to. I had an app to meditate, another to help implement good habits like drinking water, another for sleep and activity tracking, and…well, you get the idea.

Finally, I reached the conclusion that it isn’t the tools that are going to wash my dishes before I go to bed, but my sleepy effort to just get it done. My mind has got to change before the work will. How much do I want it? What will I sacrifice? There is nothing…and I mean NOTHING that is free in this life. There is always a give and take. So you want a baby?Are you willing to give up a full night’s sleep for a few years? Are you willing to share your spouse’s attention with another person in your home? You want to lose weight. Are you willing to put aside the time it takes to workout? What about your meals? Are you willing to give up unhealthy eating in order to have a better quality of life? Now you may be thinking in your head that the people who are reaching for these goals are all saying “Yes!”, and maybe they are with their lips, but not with their actions. They might write a few goals down that they plan to implement, but never get past that step. It’s our mindsets!

How bad do you want your change? I’ve been asking myself this question everyday about various goals. Do I feel the burn? How deep is my desire? What are some of your current or even past goals? What did you do or are doing to make them happen? Please share with me in the comments. You never know if you could be helping me or someone else with a positive life change. Until next time…


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