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Underestimating Their Understanding

The past two weeks have been challenging for me as a parent. My older three have been very rebellious, disobedient, and unruly. It has tested my patience, made me question my methods, and have a different level of stress. No worries though! I know that my life isn’t and never will be perfect, but I have to find what works for my household and me. I tried several different types of disciplinary actions and none seemed to take affect on them.

I sat down and was thinking to myself, what to do, when my oldest (7) asked what was the matter. Something told me to have a conversation with him and my oldest daughter (6) telling just that. I explained how they had disappointed me, how they had added a level of worry, and asked what could I do to help them better understand what is asked of them. My son analyzed what I had just told him. He then even gave examples of situations and how he could help change the outcomes, developed a plan of action, and immediately put them into action. My daughter, on the other hand, just listened, but understood in the the end and took her brother’s lead. This, in turn, lead to my youngest son taking the lead from the older two.

It hasn’t been that long since I have had this talk with them, but my mood, the home atmosphere, and their behavior have all greatly improved. I tell you this for one reason; to help you stop thinking (within reason) that just because your child is of a younger age that they can’t understand certain situations or scenarios. It may take a little time and breaking things down into terms that they comprehend, but they can have a greater level of understanding than we tend to give them credit for. Don’t be afraid to have younger children take responsibility for their actions if you have been teaching them right from wrong. They are capable of more, but only if they are given the chance.

Do you have “meetings” with your children? Do you allow them to have some input on discussions about them and your household? How does that work for you? Leave a comment below with some of your tips and tricks. Until next time…


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