It’s HERE!

A few weeks ago, I told you all that I was in the midst of a project of sorts and that is why I had disappeared. Well, the project is done and I am ready to announce that my book is finished! It is appropriately named The Home Manager’s Guide!

For years I have been searching for resources to help me with step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish the basic goals of homemaking and have yet to find that source…until now! So to save others the years of toil and effort to figure out how to be and effective homemaker, I have written for you with lots of love. And I have so much love and appreciation for you reading this blog that I am offering a Cyber Monday special! From 11/27/17 until 12/9/17, you will be given 25% off the purchase of this book! Just use coupon code THANKS at checkout. It’s a simple gesture, but truly heart felt. So get your copy soon and tell a friend before the sale ends! Until next time…


Update: I forgot to place a link to my Etsy shop for you to find the book. LOL! Thanks Brit for mentioning this. There are two different editions: Homemaker’s and Homeschool. So be sure to get the one that is most helpful to you. There is a shopping list available and I will be creating another useful tool to use soon. Happy homemaking!



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