Asking for Patience

With four children, and one on the way, many believe that I must have the patience of a saint. They see my children remaining calm as we walk through the grocery aisles or at the library, and tell me, “You must have this parenting thing down!” I hate to say this, but “No!” to all of the above. My children bother my nerves almost every day and bicker and argue like every other family with 2+ kids. They whine, complain, and find excuses as to why they can’t get chores done. I do give them credit that in the public eye they are well mannered, but at home they seem to reak havoc!

So…why do I continue to have more?  Honestly, I don’t know if I can truly express in words how I feel about my children. There is a great joy that I feel for each and every one of them. I enjoy teaching them, watching them change and grow. I like the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. (The after of the bad and ugly. LOL!) To have an opportunity to have a relationship and a bond that only a mother and her child can have with one another. To help mold these little humans into, one day, adults. My heart is ever happy, but never full.


Does all of that wear on my patience? Yes, it can. If I choose to let it. I know people who have one child that don’t have the patience for that one. So would you tell them to not parent that child and just do away with them? NO! I hope not anyway. We as people have to learn, grow, and change, just as we did when we were children. We just have a different arena to battle out the challenges of life in. So what kind of contender are you? Are you in for the long haul or a you tapping out in the early rounds? I would like to think that I am one to last the entire fight. So I’m asking myself for more patience, stay calm, and be mindful. Are you a level-headed parent? What do you do to stay calm? Leave your comments below, like this post, and follow me so that you can get notified when my next posts are published. Until next time you guys!


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