Here We Go Again!

Around this time last year, we had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She is highly energetic, goofy, inquisitive, and our cuddle-bug! She has had a wonderful impact on our family dynamics a.k.a. the siblings, as each of them looks forward to helping with her. She started walking at 11 months old, looks forward to her “homeschool” studies (sitting at her table to color, do sorting games, etc.), and eats like it’s nobody’s business!

So in all of the excitement of our one year old, would you believe we’re expecting another baby?! It has been a definite surprise for me. (My husband? Not so much.) I took multiple test days apart from each other and had been in a daze. We kept it hush-hush from our other kids until we could come up with a surprise way of telling them. We took them for a photo shoot at a local park. You can watch them here. It was rather funny. So once everyone has knowledge of it, it has made things a little more real. I am just ready for my ultrasound to help solidify it more.

Now to be honest, I want more kids. I love being a mother. It brings me much joy to bear and raise my babies. On the flip side, I’m nervous about the health of the baby(s) and myself. I’ve had to previous blighted ovums, and all of my children are born through cesarean. So it truly becomes a life and death situation for me. All in all, I am overjoyed at the chance to love, care, teach, and somewhat spoil another child. 2018 has started out as an awesome year and end with a bang! (Or a baby’s cry.) Until next time you guys…


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