Our 2018-2019 School Schedule

For this upcoming school year, I started planning back in late April, early May. I purchased all of my kids’ textbooks ahead of time and I am done with our lesson plan for at least the first nine weeks. (Most of it is done for the entire year!) With baby 5 on the way, I didn’t want to take any chances in not having  done something and then not feeling well enough to complete it or be in the hospital and not have some sort of plan in place. So with all of this planning and prepping having been done already, I can share with you what our plans are for the fall.

This year I plan to have a more one room schoolhouse type of schedule. I have always tried to model this type of system, but didn’t really have a good grasp of how to make it work for us. I recently came across a YouTube channel, Monson Schoolhouse, and I like how they set things for their day. Of course, I don’t not do everything that Mikael does, but pulled inspiration from her. I enjoy watching her videos a great deal. I love her vlogging style and how she organizes her day, her classroom, and her kids. She has motivated me to try for better with my own organization, hints our new schedule. My goal is to have the time set to make the kids as independent as possible.

Cropped Schedule

I start my day ahead of the kids to have a moment to breathe and even some time to talk with my husband without having to share him, then once the kids are awake, I want to get the momentum rolling for them to get the day flowing. We are early risers by nature, so I chose to start school at an early time. We used to start at 9 am, but this year I want to take advantage of the earlier hours.

At the beginning of the school day, we start with our “Circle Time”. This is just a time for us to get together and discuss the focus of our day. Afterwards we move on to our Unit Study. These are subjects that all three of the kids are working on together and will only be on an assigned day. I like the idea of starting our day together. Hopefully it will help to instill some camaraderie and respect for one another. (Two of my kids argue like a cat and dog, but are almost inseparable.) We will end this part of the day with a snack. My kids are the type that have first and second breakfast, so a snack will help to tie them over until lunch.

Screenshot (4)


The mid-part of our day will be their independent studies. These are their daily subjects for their specific grade level and/or subjects that can be completed alone. This is where the schoolhouse method comes into play for me. I used to teach math at one time to all of the kids, or everyone would have to do reading at the same time, and so one and so forth. This would result in me bouncing back and forth between kids and one of them getting discouraged because of the extended wait. With this new schedule, each child is assigned a different lesson at a different time. This allows for each of them to work on a strength subject while I am working with another child on a subject that is more of a struggle for them.

The last thing that I would like to note is that I have set times for each of the subjects. This is just to keep the day flowing and not to bog the kids down with one subject for a long period of time. I set aside a time later for them to be able to complete subjects that they need to go back to. I feel that this way, we stay on track and don’t consume our entire day with just school. It gives me a time frame to schedule appointments, run errands, complete housework, and even have some free time. (I have high hopes for the last one.) This is it. I’m hoping that this is a way to help us stay organized and get more done in a day. I must include a disclaimer, though. This is our “plan”, and things can change. So far in my mind and with a discussion with my older kids, this schedule seems very doable. But as we all know, life has a way of interrupting plans and so I am mindful of the need to be flexible. Other than that, we are very optimistic.

Do you have a homeschool schedule? What is it like? Maybe you could share some of it in the comments or direct us to your blog or YouTube channel. Did you enjoy hearing our plans? If you have any questions about what we do, ask them in the comment section. Until next time…



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