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I have to start this post with some honesty. I like meal plans, but I don’t like meal planning. And I may have a meal plan prepared for my family, but it is hard to get them to go along with it every single day. This includes my husband, who will make a special request on an almost weekly basis. With that said, I do have a “skeletal” plan in place for us. This is how I want to run our homeschool cafeteria for the 2018-2019 school year.

To keep all of the kids’ fuss down and make it easy to shop, I am assigning the same breakfast and lunch to the same day every week. This way things like bagels can be frozen, toppings for potatoes kept on hand, and everyone will just know what the meal is.


I am not one who likes to eat the same things all of the time, even though we don’t have a lot of change when it comes to our breakfasts without a meal plan. My taste buds get bored and I will get to the point where I won’t eat. So even though I have assigned meals, this does not mean it will be exactly the same from week to week. For example, one meal may be eggs, toast and fruit. One week I may scramble the eggs, toast some homemade plain bread, and place some strawberries with it. Another week I may boil the eggs, toast homemade cinnamon swirl bread, and place a slice of melon with it. Get my drift? This is a way I can try and eat what produce is in season as well. I also left the option of switching between soup for colder days and salad for warmer. These things may help to keep expenses lowered and taste buds entertained.

Another idea is to possibly keep snacks the same each week as well, but I don’t how well that will work for my family. I have a household of grazers, husband included here as well, and it is hard to keep snack foods stocked. So I may do a trial run to see how it goes for a while before I commit. You will also notice that I did not include cereal anywhere on my list. That is because cereal doesn’t last long here and nor does milk when we have the cereal. Everyone has different cereals they like more than others and when one runs out, the other is upset and then there’s the “I don’t want that” whine that starts. Now I’m not going to say that I don’t by cereal EVER. In fact, I had a long period where I wouldn’t, but the convenience of it lured me back into its almost weekly purchase.

So to not keep driving to the grocers, make mornings more fluid, and prayerfully keep kids from whining, this is the plan. As far as dinners go, those will change from week to week still. We truly aren’t one of those families that like to eat the same things over and over, and as long as we have that choice we won’t.

As your homeschool’s nutritionist, do you meal plan? Do you try to simplify what meals you prepare? Share some of your ideas in the comment section, and until next time…


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