Being Real

I’m not going to start this post with making excuses for my absence. I’m going to start with just being real. I have not posted any blogs lately, because I don’t feel motivated to. Period. I would like to be consistent, but my current season of life does not allow me to. I am homemaking, homeschooling, late night nursing, travelling, working part-time, supporting kids’ extracurriculars, and other items that I’m probably too sleep deprived to remember.

Right now, I’m trying to focus on getting back to taking care of me. I feel that I was doing better with that after my fourth pregnancy. I watched what I was eating, I managed stress, I exercised and stretched, and I took time to pamper myself more often. I want that for me again, but I’m having to do that more gradually as my infant son is not wanting to eat solid food and is still nursing consistently through the night and is almost 7 months. He is above average in weight, gaining weight, and is my biggest baby of the bunch. So I’m not concerned that he isn’t being nourished, but I am having to learn to be patient in a new way.

So maybe down the line, I will be on here every other week like I was. Maybe I will get to be on here once a month. However often I become consistent, it just won’t be now. I’m hoping it will come sooner than later. Until then, you guys…


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