What’s Going On?!

Well….the title is self explanatory. The answer: A LOT! Lol! We are homeschooling still, I help my husband run our company, I am still homemaking, and some other things are in the works. Along with my usual duties, we are trying to get over stomach flu, colds, and find our normal again. (Hoping we’ll be fine this weekend, as it is hubby’s birthday.)

I’ve been contemplating taking a different approach to this blogging thing. My life is very active and it’s hard to find time to write. (Like I should be downstairs cleaning right now.) So I have thought about doing some vlogging, but I’m not really on board with placing my children on camera. They have a right to privacy and trust me when I say that we are very private people, even with the blogging. I have never posted a picture of myself or any one of my relations. The vlogging would be a step in a completely different world for me and I am honestly apprehensive. With certain events happening in our life and in the near future, I believe that you guys and others would be interested. I’ll have to discuss this subject with my husband even more, but I wanted to let you know that it is on the table. Until next time guys…


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