What’s Going On?!

Well....the title is self explanatory. The answer: A LOT! Lol! We are homeschooling still, I help my husband run our company, I am still homemaking, and some other things are in the works. Along with my usual duties, we are trying to get over stomach flu, colds, and find our normal again. (Hoping we'll be… Continue reading What’s Going On?!

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What’s for Dinner?

In this season of my life, I have been having a very difficult time with getting dinner on the table. I am fine until the evenings when I get "morning sickness" and out of energy. I just am not any good for anything by this point. It would be nice to be able to just… Continue reading What’s for Dinner?

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Large Family Journey to Zero Waste

"Be a good steward." I've heard that saying several times over the course of my life and it always seemed to be related to money. You should be careful of how much you are spending, where or what you are spending it on, etc. Through my managing our household finances and looking to do well… Continue reading Large Family Journey to Zero Waste

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Underestimating Their Understanding

The past two weeks have been challenging for me as a parent. My older three have been very rebellious, disobedient, and unruly. It has tested my patience, made me question my methods, and have a different level of stress. No worries though! I know that my life isn't and never will be perfect, but I… Continue reading Underestimating Their Understanding


Your Heart. Your Mind. Your Desire.

You have something that you feel needs to be changed or improved upon within yourself. Maybe you want to stop staying up late, or be more athletic, or whatever! It's something! I'm no different than you. I want to be more organized, more routine and more efficient in my homemaking. I've gone as far as… Continue reading Your Heart. Your Mind. Your Desire.

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To the Woman with 2.5 Children!

I know that I have never posted a picture of my family or myself; therefore, you may have no clue to whom you are listening. Well let me tell you. I am a 5' 0", 31 year old that looks like a teenager, and a woman with four children. To give an even more in… Continue reading To the Woman with 2.5 Children!

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Getting paid to stay home…sort of!

Today is one of those mornings that I wake up and I'm not super motivated to accomplish my cleaning goals. I have people coming over later (siblings) and they're coming to help do some major meal prepping for when our baby is delivered, (I'll elaborate on that in a later post.) and I have an… Continue reading Getting paid to stay home…sort of!