Being Real

I'm not going to start this post with making excuses for my absence. I'm going to start with just being real. I have not posted any blogs lately, because I don't feel motivated to. Period. I would like to be consistent, but my current season of life does not allow me to. I am homemaking,… Continue reading Being Real


This Bittersweet Chapter

I know that I keep coming up MIA, and you were probably looking for new content like, "Oh, here she goes again!" I'm like Houdini and I disappear, then reappear from out of nowhere. In all seriousness, I just finished going through my most difficult pregnancy and delivery of my life. Not difficult as in… Continue reading This Bittersweet Chapter


Here We Go Again!

Around this time last year, we had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She is highly energetic, goofy, inquisitive, and our cuddle-bug! She has had a wonderful impact on our family dynamics a.k.a. the siblings, as each of them looks forward to helping with her. She started walking at 11 months old, looks forward… Continue reading Here We Go Again!