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What’s for Dinner?

In this season of my life, I have been having a very difficult time with getting dinner on the table. I am fine until the evenings when I get "morning sickness" and out of energy. I just am not any good for anything by this point. It would be nice to be able to just… Continue reading What’s for Dinner?


Here We Go Again!

Around this time last year, we had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She is highly energetic, goofy, inquisitive, and our cuddle-bug! She has had a wonderful impact on our family dynamics a.k.a. the siblings, as each of them looks forward to helping with her. She started walking at 11 months old, looks forward… Continue reading Here We Go Again!


Asking for Patience

With four children, and one on the way, many believe that I must have the patience of a saint. They see my children remaining calm as we walk through the grocery aisles or at the library, and tell me, "You must have this parenting thing down!" I hate to say this, but "No!" to all… Continue reading Asking for Patience

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Large Family Meal Prep

Meal prep is a great endeavor. It can help anyone to make more meals from scratch, stay on track with healthy or healthier eating, and save time in the long run. In the latest YouTube "food movement", many have began to make their meals for the week, pack them in individual portions, heat them if… Continue reading Large Family Meal Prep

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Large Family Journey to Zero Waste

"Be a good steward." I've heard that saying several times over the course of my life and it always seemed to be related to money. You should be careful of how much you are spending, where or what you are spending it on, etc. Through my managing our household finances and looking to do well… Continue reading Large Family Journey to Zero Waste


How We Save Money Homeschooling

Unlike what is commonly believed, home educating your babies does not have to break the bank. I wrote a previous post about how to homeschool for free here, but I want to share some other ways that you can save and get great, quality material. #1. Join for discounts on homeschooling materials. They have… Continue reading How We Save Money Homeschooling


How You Can Homeschool for Free! (Or inexpensively)

I've noticed that there is a misconception that it cost a ton of money to homeschool, especially when you have more than one child. I've heard many things like you have to buy the same material that's used in your local schools, or that you have to use a school-in-a-box program, or that you must… Continue reading How You Can Homeschool for Free! (Or inexpensively)